Cogeneration Coke Facility

Fast-tracked project, completed in under 18 months, won the prestigious AGC National Build America Award for the Best Industrial Project in the country.

McGraw Kokosing and Kokosing Industrial teamed to build a new heat recovery coke plant and steam generation facility spanning across a 225 acre greenfield site.

The project consisted of 100 coke ovens, 5 Heat Recovery Steam Generators, 67-MW steam driven power plant, flue gas desulphurization system, coal and coke handling systems.  We self-performed over 90 percent of the projects 2,100,000 manhours with a peak in manpower at 844 employees.

The project was fast-tracked with much of the design released at the same time as construction. Meeting the Owner’s aggressive schedule required significant resources. Our team delivered a successful project through innovation in our construction and management processes.

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