BOF Drive Gear Replacement

Basic Oxygen Furnace primary drive gear replacement completed seven days ahead of schedule.

During a planned 3 week outage McGraw Kokosing performed around the clock to replace the primary drive gear on a Basic Oxygen Furnace.

A new drive gear was needed when the existing gear began to show signs of wear and tear due to intense daily use. The gear had to be lanced and cut into pieces in order to remove it from the vessel shaft. In place machining was completed on the vessel shaft, keys and keyway. The 30 ton gear was then rigged into place with the overhead crane, positioned onto the slide system and slid into place over the shaft. The keys were then jacked into place locking the gear into place. The torsion bar assembly was also replaced as part of the overhaul. McGraw Kokosing completed this job 7 days ahead of schedule while plant production was maintained using the adjacent vessel.

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